Kristen Brohm

STEM Coordinator
Staff Department
Academic Support

My name is Kristen Brohm and I am the STEM Coordinator for Alpine.  I have a long history here.  I started as the original Community School Coordinator when my oldest son began 2nd grade our inaugural year.  I soon became a kindergarten teacher here and have had the pleasure of teaching many of our youngest students.  All three of my boys went to school here and I was a kindergarten and first grade teacher through the 2013-14 school year.  I switched roles and became the STEM Coordinator in 2014 for Northridge but was lucky enough to return to Alpine for the 2015-16 school year, and now I'm here to stay!  In addtion to being STEM support for Alpine, I also direct Innovation Academy, a STEM summer program hosted at IBM and Skyline High School. I'm currently workign on my master's degree and principal licence.

As I mentioned, I have 3 boys.  My oldest is in college as a sophomore.  I also have a highschool junior and freshman.  My husband and children seem to be constantly busy, but we do enjoy being together in our spare time.   I love teaching and love this profession.  I am excited every year to see the eager faces of our students, who are hoping to have a fantastic year.  My goal is to help make that happen.  Thanks for choosing Alpine!