Natalia Salata

I was born in La Paz, Bolivia but was raised in Chile and Bolivia. I loved the beautiful city of La Paz with its majestic mountains, and at the same time couldn’t wait for summer to spend time at the beach house my grandparents had in Iquique, Chile for the whole family to use and where our backyard was the ocean. When I was 7 years old my mother moved us to Northern Virginia and my father stayed in Chile as the family depended on his work.  My mother worked for an international organization which gave their employees home leave. This meant we could go back home every summer to be with family and reconnect with our culture and language. I attended Virginia Tech for college and graduated with a Spanish major and minor in Latin American Studies. My mother now lives in Sydney, Australia with my super cool Australian step-father. Visiting them has been an amazing experience. Australia is everything they say and more. I have a brother who is a major in the marines and whom I think is the best brother one could have. He lives in Alexandria, Virginia. My two other wonderful brothers and one sister still live in Chile. I love to travel and visit family. I also love to read any book by Isabel Allende, explore the world with my young family and spend time with friends. Just like most people in Colorado, I love to be outside to hike or ski or just sit outside and enjoy the space and weather.

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