Kindergarteners Pen Pals with 169th Artillery Brigade

Kindergarteners in Ms. Rachel Etherington's kindergarten class exchanged letters with the 169th Artillery Brigade while they were stationed in the United Arab Emirates. The kindergarteners, led by a child whose father serves in the military, decided to take action to support troops serving overseas. Not only did the students get to exchange letters with their new pen pals, practicing their reading and writing skills, they also learned about American symbols as a part of their Signs and Symbols unit of inquiry. 

On Wednesday April, 3, at Alpine's All-School Meeting, Captain Usher and Staff Sergeant Peeks presented the school with a very special American flag and an Army National Guard flag signed by all members of the 169th Field Artillery Brigade stationed in the UAE. The plaques that accompanied the flags stated the following:

Certificate of Authenticity: This certifies that the accompanying Unites States flag was flown over 169th Field Artillery Brigade Headquarters, Camp Redleg, Al Minhad Air Base, United Arab Emirates on 3 April 2017 during combat missions in support of Operation Inherent Resolve and security cooperation missions in support of Operation Spartan Shield. For Alpine Elementary School. May it serve as a reminder of the dedicated members of the Colorado Army National Guard deployed throughout the United States Central Command area of operations.

Certificate of Appreciation is presented to Alpine Elementary School for unparalleled support to the Soldiers of the 169th Field Artillery Brigade during Operation Spartan Shield and Operation Inherent Resolve. Your support has greatly contributed to the morale and well being of the dedicated Soldiers of the Colorado Army National Guard.