Sharing Best-Practice

Alpine strives to be an innovative school, applying educational best practice and keeping student-centered learning at the forefront of what we do. We recognize that education, as a profession, is highly collaborative. Teachers at Alpine love to share their practice with others, modeling inquiry-based lessons, sharing ideas, and demonstrating the amazing learning capacity of students. Particularly since implenting STEM 4 years ago, we have opened our doors to educators from across the country, to observe teaching and learning and to teach us as well.

We were very excited to have Dr. Scott McLeod visit us in December. He is the Associate Professor of Administrative Leadership and Policy Studies at the University of Colorado Denver and maintains a blog at

During his visit Dr. McLeod was able to:

* Watch fourth grade students present three paragraph essays to demonstrate their understanding of the concept of adaptation. Students created a "new" animal by taking an existing animal from its habitat and placing it in a new one, forcing it to adapt. They then described their animal through their essay.

* Talk with fourth graders who prototyped the layout of a new food kitchen to be built with very specific dimensions. Students applied their understanding of measuring the perimeter of quadrilaterals to make the plans.

* Discuss innovative practices at the school with the third grade team of teachers.

* Attend a luncheon with articulate fifth graders who discussed their experiences as students and members of Robotics Club, Media Club, Allegria, Running Club, and STEM Enrichment classes.

* Discuss potential next steps with administration.

We are very happy to have hosted Dr. McLeod's visit and look forward to accessing his expertise in the future.