Parking Lot Norms

Thank you so much for protecting the safety of our students and showing care and understanding to our neighbors. The following norms will help us to maintain a safe drop off and pick up system. 

  • Avoid parking in the following areas: residential pullouts across from Alpine, bus loop, in front of neighboring driveways, Alpine St. (except for directly in front of the school).
  • For drop off please pull forward into the kiss-n-go lane, drop off your child, and pull out to the left to pass other cars, much like airport drop off. Do not linger in the space. 
  • For pick up, you may park and stay in your vehicle in the kiss-n-go lane, but do not exit your vehicle. It is also a fire lane. 
  • Avoid using cell phones while driving in the lot. 
  • Drive slowly and carefully.
Alpine Elementary School