Alpine’s FundRun is on Thursday, October 18. We plan on this being Alpine PTO’s only major fund raiser this year if we can earn at or close to our goal of $30,000. If we are able to raise $20,000 Mrs. Marsolek and Mrs. Clifford will ride around the school for a one whole day on tricycles. If we raise $30,000 the top earners from each class will be able to silly string the administrators. 🙂

  • Talk with friends and family and ask them to donate in person. 
  • Share our website with friends and family from out of town.
  • Seek out donation matching programs through your employer.

The money raised will help us with purchasing iReady instruction for all of our students and refresh old iPads. PTO also assists us with field trips, planners, IB Fees, and so much more. 

Alpine Elementary School