Staff Highlight

Weekly Staff Member Highlight
In an effort to introduce our fabulous staff to the broader community, we highlight one staff member a week in our newsletter. Instead of typical bios, we will present some fun info about each person. For full bios, please visit our website.

Please meet:  Elizabeth Lennert
Position:  Kindergarten Teacher
One item checked off her bucket list:   Seeing the Mayan Ruins
One item not yet checked off her bucket list:   Fly fishing in New Zealand. But I only fish when it’s warm enough to do so in a skirt…
Her favorite teacher and why: Mrs. Kogler. Because on the first day she said she had “heard about me” and then I knew that she liked my sense of humor and curiosity.
Morning bird or night owl: Natural night owl that is a forced early bird.
Her favorite part of her job;

Teaching kids to love reading.
What she does to stay balanced:

I run every morning at 5:30am. I’m tired by 8:30pm, but I have stamina for my day at school!
The biggest risk she has taken in her life:

Getting married at 23 years old. I never knew it would be so wonderful to be with someone for 20+ years by my 40’s.
Something she admires about her students: Their forgiveness when someone makes a mistake.
Something she has way too many of:

Gear- bikes, skis, tents, sleeping bags….
They say everyone has a book in them. Hers would be about: My Mom and Dad. Best, strongest, kindest, hardest working people I ever knew.

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