Staff Highlight 3-21-19

Weekly Staff Member Highlight
In an effort to introduce our fabulous staff to the broader community, we highlight one staff member a week in our newsletter. Instead of typical bios, we will present some fun info about each person. For full bios, please visit our website.

Please meet:  Juliann Daley
Position:  2nd Grade Teacher
One item checked off her bucket list:   I played drums with a band, in front of an audience.
One item not yet checked off her bucket list:   Visit Austraila.
Her favorite teacher and why: 

My second grade teacher was my favorite, because she made learning fun.
Morning bird or night owl: 

Night Owl.
Her favorite part of her job: 

Watching my students act silly at recess, or in front of the mirror in the halls. I love being around the age of innocence, before the time when we start truly caring how others see us. And teaching, of course!
What she does to stay balanced: 

Take time out to reflect on my day, at the end of each day.
The biggest risk she has taken in her life: 

I left my stable job to go to college to become a teacher, in my thirties.
Something she admires about her students: 

Their ability to forgive easily.
What is one random thing that you are very knowledgeable about?

Denver History.
They say everyone has a book in them. Hers would be about: It’s the Little Things That Matter.

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