Staff Highlight 4-4-19

Weekly Staff Member Highlight
In an effort to introduce our fabulous staff to the broader community, we highlight one staff member a week in our newsletter. Instead of typical bios, we will present some fun info about each person. For full bios, please visit our website.

Please meet:  Bethany Richards
Position:  School Councelor
One item checked off her bucket list:   Traveled to Guatemala and learned Spanish for a month.
One item not yet checked off her bucket list: I still want to complete a triathlon. Or at least attempt to!  Her favorite teacher and why:  

Mr. Heywood was my Literature teacher and Debate coach. He always challenged me even when I was scared or didn’t think I was smart enough. He recognized my strengths and challenged my fixed mindset.
Morning bird or night owl:  

More of a morning bird. I go to bed early and get LOTS of sleep to be ready for my busy days.
Her favorite part of her job:  

I love getting to help kids and families who need a little extra support. It’s a great honor to be considered someone of trust and I love to see all of the growth happen with Alpine students as the year goes by!
What she does to stay balanced:  

I try my best to eat healthy, stay active, get support from friends and family, and think positive! I also feel so fortunate to be able to work as a school counselor so I try to remember that even when I’m feeling drained.
The biggest risk she has taken in her life: 

At the end of my time in college I committed to a year of service with AmeriCorps. I volunteered for the Wildland Firefighting Crew. I wasn’t physically or emotionally prepared for this kind of work but I grew in so many ways. I served on 2 major fires out of state which was scaring and very empowering.
Something she admires about her students:  

I really admire students who are able to express their feelings and ask for help. I don’t remember doing this when I was in elementary school!
What is one random thing that you are very knowledgeable about?  

I worked at a credit union for a couple of years so I have some random financial institution knowledge.
What inspires you: I am always inspired by the great work that students, parents, and teachers are doing at Alpine. I recognize creativity, risk-taking, curiosity, and persistence which makes Alpine a great place for kids to learn and grow. 

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