Staff Highlight 5-2-19

Weekly Staff Member Highlight
In an effort to introduce our fabulous staff to the broader community, we highlight one staff member a week in our newsletter. Instead of typical bios, we will present some fun info about each person. For full bios, please visit our website.

Please meet:  Bob Roy
Position:  Spanish/GT Teacher
One item checked off his bucket list:   

I married a Costa Rican. 
One item not yet checked off his bucket list: Retire in Costa Rica. 

Favorite teacher and why:    

My Senior English teacher, Mrs. Marcella Bstandig. She would always hand back our papers, all marked up in red, for us to re-write and say, “It must be perfect.” Writing classes in college were a breeze, thanks to her diligence. 
Morning bird or night owl:    Before kids, I was always a night owl. As I get older, I’m a morning bird and run on coffee all the time. 

His favorite part of her job:     

When the heavens part, the chorus of angels sing in crescendo, and the celestial light shines down upon a student who is moved to declare, “Oh, I get it!”
What he does to stay balanced:    

I don’t think of myself as “balanced.” Actually, I would say I’m about a bubble off plumb. 
The biggest risk he has taken in his life:    

When I was 24, I crossed from Costa Rica into General Manuel Noriega’s Panama wearing nothing but my board shorts and flip flops without any documentation and passed for “Canadian.”
Something he admires about hir students:    

Their innocent curiosity.
What is one random thing that you are very knowledgeable about?    The Mayans. 

What inspires you:   My wife.

Alpine Elementary School