Trip Tracker

Trip Tracker is an alternative transportation encouragement and reward program with a goal to significantly reduce the use of automobiles as the primary mode of getting students to and from school. When participants carpool, ride the school bus (school bus or RTD), bike, walk, or get dropped off 1/4 mile away and then walk in, they earn Trip Tracker Dollars.

Boulder County is interested in receiving families’ feedback on how COVID-19 is impacting parents/guardians confort level to allow their child(ren) to walk, bike, bus, and carpool to and from school when in person learning is in session for the student.

Please answer our short survey for each school-aged child.  School-aged child is defined as Pre Kindergarten-12th grade for the purposes of this survey. 

Feel free to fill this survey out as many times as needed, based on the number of school-aged children you have.


Alpine Elementary School