Trip Tracker

Trip Tracker is an alternative transportation encouragement and reward program with a goal to significantly reduce the use of automobiles as the primary mode of getting students to and from school. When participants carpool, ride the school bus (school bus or RTD), bike, walk, or get dropped off 1/4 mile away and then walk in, they earn Trip Tracker Dollars.

Rewards are calculated at the rate of one Trip Tracker Dollar for every four trips, a two dollar bonus if alternative Trip Tracker is Great! transportation is used for all possible trips in a given month, and students who walk or bike receive another dollar per month for every ten miles of "active transportation". Student rewards average $8 Trip Tracker Dollars per month. After receiving the dollars, participants are free to spend them at participating businesses within the SVVSD community. 

Find out more and register at

Carpooling gets points, but all who drive can earn bucks too. Instead of parking in the school lot, you can park a block away and walk into school.  You will receive walking points to and from school. Everyone can be earning points towards trip tracker bucks. For more information and to Register go to this website....

Then spend those trip tracker bucks at various Longmont locations like dairy Queen or Luckys
To name a few. 

If you have any questions contact Brooke Baker who is the trip tracker rep for Alpine at 

Thanks again!!


Alpine Families:  By Friday, December 6th, please fill out one survey/per household (not per student) using the link provided.  This survey asks for non-identifying information about what factors affect whether parents allow their children to walk or bike to school, the presence of key safety-related conditions along routes to school, and related background information. Survey results will help determine how to improve opportunities for children to walk or bike to school, and measure parental attitude changes as local SRTS programs occur.  Thank you for your honest input!

Click here for survey.